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Now I`m back home in Austria and I want to say THANK YOU to you and Mount Treks Company for planing and organizing my stay in Nepal. I`v been showed the culture of Nepal and it is really very interesting. The trekingtour I did, always well guided, was a great experience. Especially the view from the top of Peekey by blue sky – no word can explain this moment.

I hope to be able visiting Nepal and you again!

Travel Nepal

Nepal (नेपाल), being be a landlocked country is located in between the People’s Republic of China to the north and India to the south, east and west. mountain chain geological formation runs across Nepal’s northern and western elements, and eight of the world’s 10 highest mountains, together with the best, mountain peak, square measure at intervals its territory that is that the better part of Asian country to form it noted everywhere the globe.

Historically, Nepal|Kingdom of Asian country had several tiny kingdoms and therefore the fashionable state was shaped with the Unification of Nepal by Prithvi Narayan Shah. Asian country like Nepal and India is generally known as Hindu kingdom. Its recent history has concerned struggles for democratic government with periods of direct monarchic rule.

For enjoying holiday’s, for viewing the natural beauty and have immeasurable fun and delight, we offer you the most effective guide and facilitate whereas move. So, travel Nepal for enjoyment and having historical data of previous heritages and additional.

travel nepal

  • You can feel safe in Nepal.
  • Nepalese people are very curious.
  • Use prayer gesture for everything like ; Namaste and Hello 
  • Do not confuse the term “Shepra”.
  • They have simple living style.
  • They are thoughtful.
  • They take their time.
  • The Himalayas will blow you away.

About Your Trip:

  • Validity date of your passport.
  • Visa of regarding place.
  • Travel Insurence.
  • Health and Medicine Advice.
  • Personal First-Aid Kit
  • Trekking Equipment

Pokhara is a piece of heaven in the world. There are many beautiful and interesting places to visit in Nepal, outside the Kathmandu Valley. Pokhara is one of the most scenic and exciting valley in Nepal. Pokhara valley is the ‘Jewel of the mid-west’, second major tourist sport in Nepal but the favorite of tourists from around the globe.  It is linked by Air and by road from Kathmandu and the Indian border Sunauli. Pokhara lies 200 kilometers west of Kathmandu six hours by car and 25 minutes by flight. It is famous for its lakes and its location beneath the towering Annapurna massif. It is highly recommendable to visit this scenic valley, stay in small resort hotels with views of the magnificent Himalayan peaks, go boating on the calm waters of the Phewa and the Begnas lakes or go on tours or day hikes in the nearby hills or if time permits, on a well-organized trekking holiday.

Further 12 km east of Pokhara at the end of a road that turns north from highway to Kathmandu lies the Begnas Lake offering the perfect nature retreat because of its relative seclusion. Splendid hiking, boating and fishing opportunities can be found here. The Begnas Lake Resort, located on a hillside of unspoiled forestland with guest rooms built on rice terraces close to the lake offers magnificent views over tranquil waters of the Begnas, beautiful ethnic villages on the opposite hillsides and the snowy mountain peaks from every room.

Pokhara is an enormous sunlit playground of green hills, lakes, forests, rivers, waterfalls, terraced fields. For the mountain lover the Annapurna range and the Fishtail peak, appeared to be just standing in front of you with overwhelming views. Pokhara offers a mild climate is famous for the natural beauty of its great lakeside location, magnificent views of Dhaulagiri, Fishtail, Manaslu, five peaks of Annapurna and others. This is one of the few places in the world to provide such a dramatic view in a sub-tropical setting. Millions of people travel thousands of miles in the search of Heaven or Paradise on Earth, fully unaware of the existence of a corner of real paradise. This city popularly known as “City of Tourism” is absolutely free from any type of pollution. Pokhara valley is situated at an altitude of 827 meters from sea level. It is one of the most picturesque spots of Nepal.

Pokhara sits high on the list of ‘must visit’ places in Nepal. Tourists on extended holidays in Nepal make multiple visits to this famous valley of the three lakes. The tourist district of Pokhara better known as ‘Lakeside Pokhara’ is quite distinctly separate from Pokhara city. Lakeside sprawls beside Phewa Lake and is reminiscent of Thamel except for the ample space and miniscule traffic which makes Pokhara so much more enjoyable and relaxed than its counterpart in Kathmandu. The enchanting Pokhara valley with the dominating presence of Mt. Machhapuchhare (Fishtail Mountain) in the background is the gateway to the Annapurna region where many a trekker finds his Shangri-la.

Do’s While Jungle Safari in Nepal

  • Wear Proper Clothes
  • Wear Nature-Friendly Clothes
  • Be Calm
  • Stay In Group
  • Make Your Luggage Lite
  • Pack Medical Aid
  • Take A Good Camera
  • Take All The Necessary Things

Don’ts While Jungle Safari in Nepal

  • Don’t Feed Animals
  • Don’t Throw Your Dirt In the jungle.
  • Don’t Go Close to Animals
  • Make Your Volume Low.
  • Don’t Get Down From Jeep
  • Don’t Bring Child
  • Make Your Cell phone Silent or switch off
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