Equipment list for peak Climbing

Peak Climbing in Nepal is generally straightforward with fixed ropes and guided climbs. If your are going to peak climb in Nepal here are some list for climbing

Important Notes

Don’t cut corners on the quality of gears, understand the function of each gear, Seasonal Fluctuation will impact the requirement of gear

tips: you can always rent the gear if you are not willing to invest, check the size of boots before leaving for mountain, wear summit sock while trying boots.

  • Clothing : Thermal Base layers- Tops and Bottoms, Heavy Base Layers, Trekking Pants, Hard-shell pants, Down Pant, T-shirt, Mid layer Top, Insulated Jacket, Hard-shell Jacket, Down Jacket
  • Footwear : Double insulted mountaineering boots, Hiking boots(Full an waterproof), lightweight shoes from camp and around town, Galters, Flip-flops, wool/synthetic socks, liner socks
  • Hand-wear : Liner gloves, Mid-weight gloves, Down mittens
  • Head-wear : Cap/Sun hat, Balaclava, Warm wool/Synthetic Hat, Eye Wear (Full coverage around eyes and nose), Ski Goggles
  • Climbing Gears : Helmet, Ice Axe with a waist leash, Crampons, Harness, Carabiners (2 Screwgate and 2 Snapgate ), Belay Device , Ascender/ Jumar, Prussik/ Accessory Cord
  • Back-Packing : Small pack (35-40 liters), waterproof duffel bag, Padlocks for the duffel bag, Pack Cover
  • Accessories : Water bottles (2 bottles of 1 liter each with insulation cover), Trekking poles, Headlamp with spare batteries, Camera, Power bank/ solar charger, Universal adapter, pocket knife, Notebook/Diary
  • First aid & Hygiene : Skincare (maximum SPF sun-cream and lip-balm), Toothbrush, tooth-paste, hand-sanitizer, Toilet-paper, wet-wipes, Personal first aid kit (including personal prescription, high altitude medications, pain killers, first aid tape, band-aids), water treatment
  • Others : Comfort food(Snacks and foods), Travel clothes to wear in Kathmandu, Sleeping bag (-20 degree), inflatable mattress
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