Booking in Advance

Once you are confirmed with the Itinerary and Cost with the MOUNT TREKS NEPAL PVT LTD , you are required to book the trip as soon as you are agreed with the cost and itinerary. The booking is necessary for the company and client. As company can prepare the good trip for the clients satisfaction and to prepare the documents as well.

Minimum 30% of the total cost must be send in order to confirm the trip at the time of booking. The Advance amount will be used in booking of hotel, flights, guides, porters and for approval of government authorities.

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note : Mount Treks Nepal will not be liable for any error or changes made on the above account number during transference. Also applied charges required during transference will need to be paid by the client


In case the client decide to cancel the trip, at any time between booking and the time of the trip, some deduction will be made to the amount. Such regulation is create for the company’s obligation to pay a certain amount for personal and resource while booking them

Clauses for Cancellation

  1. If cancellation is made before one month of departure, the company will charge you 30 to 40% of the total amount and rest will be refunded after deducting the processing charge of Nepal Rastra Bank. Incase if the client wishes to withhold the amount as charge of the next trip to Nepal.
  2. If cancellation is made one week earlier to the trek, the company will charge 50% to 60% of the total amount and the rest will be refunded as mentioned in 1 of the Terms & Conditions

Insurance and Travel

As there is no purchase insurance in Nepal for foreigner. It is important for the clients to purchase the travel insurance in their own country. As trekking and expeditions may involve risks and other factors which can not be foretold. The company will ask the clients for insurance before the trek start as for an unpredictable situations.

Note: The company shall not bear any losses or provide compensation in case the guest’s insurance doesn’t cover any or all aspects of the trip.

Incomplete Tour

The client is not entitled to any compensation, whatsoever, in case the client forfeits from embarking on the trip(tour/trek/expedition/climbing) because of his/her personal injury or any reason. Also, if the government cancel the permit for the trek/expedition due to any natural disaster in the area, he/she may not look for compensation for their payment.

Change in cost, time & additional charges

Mount Treks Nepal Pvt ltd. has designed the packages after years of experience in the field. However company will allow guest to change the package as the clients willing to spend time more or less

The cost and time can be adjust by mutual agreement between client and company before the trip.

Any damage of the company equipment, delays and lags in trips, demand of additional service during the trip then previously agreed, etc. by the client is likely to increase the preciously decided price.

Early Completion of the trip

Sometimes, the trip can be complete earlier then the trip schedule by the company. In such case company will not refund the clients. Example, if the trip is 18 days and if client complete 1 or 2 days earlier then company will not refund the costs of the days.

Agreement of acceptance

The client must follow the rules & regulations of the country, during their stay in country. Any illegal activities are downright discouraged , any deliberate or unintentional breach of the law by the client shall not obligate the company to advocate in their behalf. If any illegal activities are done by clients , Company hold the right to call the authorities and hand the clients to them. Company will not obligate to provide financial compensation if the clients falls upon the hand of authority due to unlawful acts.

Moreover, during the trip(trek/tour/expedition) the team leader is in the charge and his/her decision must be follow. In case of any conflicts between our clients, the company’s staff will resolve the issue and holds the right to call the police if necessary.

Overnight stay & food

In case of overnight stay might occur due to any problem or cause by the clients or due to flight cancellation, the client will be required to pay the charge for overnight stay and food.

Equipment & Stuffs

If , Mount Treks Nepal Pvt Ltd, has provides and materials , gears, or any equipment to the clients . The clients need to return it to the company’s designated official at end of the trip. Any damage in equipment & stuffs leads the clients to pay the charges as fixed by company agency as per compensation.

Extra Activities

Once client has arrive in the country through the agency ,he/she must informed us if they are preforming any extra activities, like Skiing, Drone flight , Paragliding, or waving the large flags since such activities are charged by Nepal Government, if it is not informed beforehand to the company, clients should bear all the costs resulting from such activities, & company will not bear any responsibilities. And if informed, company will procedure accordingly. Any activities mentioned above acted by clients without infirming the company and obtaining the permit by the authority shall be counted as an illegal act.


If you want to change the arrangements, please inform us, Once government permit, travel ticket, transportation, insurance, etc has been given and cannot be withdrawn and refunded, client will be responsible for these expenses.